When is skipping rope the most effective time to lose weight?

2019-06-14 17:34:00 435
  1. The best time for jumping rope to lose weight

 It is unscientific for people to jump rope before meals in order to reduce appetite. In theory, it is impossible to exercise vigorously for one hour before and after meals. The best time for human activity should be from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. A friend who wants to improve rope skipping level should do it at this time, at least one hour apart from the meal time.

 We do not advocate morning exercises and jump rope to lose weight. Some people smell chickens dancing and even get up at three or four o'clock to exercise, and then go back to sleep. This is not only vulnerable to air pollution, but also makes the biological clock disordered, leading to fatigue and premature aging. Because the surface air pollution is the most serious before sunrise and there is less oxygen at this time. After sunrise, green plants begin to photosynthesize, breathe carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, so that the air is fresh. So if you have time, skip rope after sunrise.

2. How long does rope skipping take to lose weight?

 Minimum not less than 30 minutes, because less than 30 minutes can not achieve the purpose of fat consumption, the longest not more than 2 hours, because more than two hours of overtraining will cause extreme fatigue. skipping rope should not be less than 4 times a week, but not more than 6 times a week, each time lasting 40 minutes. Generally, we need a day's rest and thinking, so that we can improve faster.

Of course, how long each jump is flexible, depending on your physical condition and weight loss requirements. When you first learn to jump rope, you may be breathless just after a short jump, so you don't have to force yourself to jump for long. After skilled movements, they have been exercising for a long time, but they still feel that they are not exhausted, which can greatly increase the time.

3. Rope skipping times to slowly increase

At first, jump 60-100 times a day and finish it 2-3 times with an interval of about 1 minute. Gradually increase the number of times every day, the increase in the extent to do not feel excessive fatigue is appropriate. When it is increased to 400-500 beats per day, it is possible to start a formal rope skipping diet. After that, keep jumping 400-500 times a day, two times a day, with an interval of 1 minute. The speed of jumping is kept between 60 and 160 times per minute.

Above is the best time for you to lose weight by skipping rope. Shichun remind you to stretch and relax before skipping rope, so as not to cause sports injury.