What are you doing after skipping rope? These are terrible habits.

2019-07-01 17:59:03 2907

jumping rope is a hot sport topic, and besides recognizing people's concern about body shape, what is a healthy way of exercise has been paid more and more attention. Many people have begun to choose jumping rope to lose weight and pressure, but after the Rope skipping, there are some erroneous habits. Look at your success?

1. No stretching after rope skipping

 The large amount of lactic acid produced during jump rope workout can actually hinder blood flow and cause muscle soreness. So that's why we need to stretch after exercise. Muscle stretching after jumping rope can not only alleviate muscle soreness, but also improve the flexibility of muscles and joints. There are many stretching movements, such as side bending, feet together, fingers crossing palms up, arms up, heels up, upper body slowly bending to the right. They can also perform chest enlargement, stretching and leg pressing.


2. Don't eat after skipping rope

 When you skip rope, it is necessary to have a round of bath and dressing, which happens to be the hungriest moment of your stomach. At this time, if you don't take care of yourself, you will get a chance to eat two mouthfuls, especially after the exercise. It's no big deal to maintain the state before the exercise. But in fact, if you eat within two hours after the rope skipping, it will actually double your absorption. So, if you don't want your sports results to go down the drain, you'd better choose to eat two hours after the exercise, or simply solve the problem of eating before the exercise, so that you can make the most of your fitness effect.

3. Not drinking enough water after jumping rope

 After skipping rope, you must drink enough water, because after exercise, dehydration will cause fatigue, spasm and even emotional fluctuations, which belong to the excitement state after exercise, so it is necessary to supplement water. However, it should be noted that after intense exercise, the body consumes a lot of water, which is bound to cause excessive burden on the heart. The correct way is to drink a small amount of water after vigorous exercise, after a period of rest, and then increase the amount of drinking water, avoid drinking raw water and cold water.

4. Rest immediately after rope skipping

 What do you do the first time after exercise? Drink water or take a bath immediately? In fact, if you take a rest immediately after exercise (such as walking in the gym or resting on the sofa), the result is not very worthwhile. For example, sweat soaked in clothes and body after exercise is not good for the skin, training clothes can easily produce bacteria if not replaced in time, so the first time to take a bath is actually one of the ways to change procrastination after training.