Visual acuity test is the first step in physical fitness test. Jumping rope supine sit-ups change from selective test to compulsory test in China.

2019-07-30 18:47:46 384

  In the second half of each year, the Ministry of Education requires schools to conduct physical health tests for students. Compared with previous years, this year's "standard" has changed a lot. In the elementary school stage, some compulsory items, such as visual acuity examination and sitting forward bending, have been added, while Rope skipping has become compulsory, sit-ups have become compulsory, and male students in junior and senior high schools will also be added to the test.

Situation in Yangzhou

  All schools complete the test 30 days ago

  "372 primary and secondary schools in our city have been tested according to this standard and will be completed by the 30th." Li Jianyong, deputy dean of the Municipal Education Examination Institute, told reporters, "These projects will not be carried out solely for testing, we will take them as a work to grasp."

  According to the reporter's understanding, the national students'physical health standard is a standard test, which is not very difficult. Most of the students can pass, and many of them are excellent.


Nterpretation of New Standard

  New Visual Examination Concerns Myopia.For the standard adjustment, Li Jianyong believes that the new visual examination is mainly to further protect the young people's vision."In fact, the main reason for students' myopia is not because of study, but because children spend more and more time using electronic products, especially computers, mobile phones and game consoles, which are harmful to children's eyes. Not only schools, but also parents and students themselves should pay attention to protecting their eyesight.


Strengthen upper limb strength by pulling up

Li Jianyong told reporters that the situation of leading upward in our city's schools is not ideal, especially junior high school and junior high school students, basically can not do a few.

Li Jianyong believes that the situation of pull-up can fully reflect the strength of teenagers'upper limbs. "It's necessary to do more exercise in this area. Sometimes I wonder how many opportunities we have now to raise our arms over our heads."

  skipping rope project is simple and easy to popularize.

  jumping rope is a newly joined test item."Yangzhou is also encouraging and promoting schools to hold skipping rope. Jumping rope can effectively train individual reaction and endurance, help to maintain personal fitness and coordination, so as to achieve the goal of physical fitness. On the other hand, compared with other projects, rope skipping is relatively simple, students may be more interested, they are also willing to skip. In addition, Li Jianyong also told reporters that because rope skipping is simple and easy to do, there is no need for any special venues and equipment, the sport can be more convenient to carry out.