The skills of skipping rope

2019-06-04 10:00:00 407

  As we all know,jump rope workout is a very good aerobic exercise. When we choose the best skipping rope for ourselves, speed skipping rope can not only exercise cardiopulmonary function, but also increase the coordination of various organs in the body. Of course, to be a professional skipper, you must master the following skills:

  1.Choose the appropriate length of skipping rope. Before jumping rope, we must choose a rope of suitable length. If the rope is too long to throw, it will not be able to jump fast. If the rope is too short, it will tie hands and feet and hinder the body's stretching.


 2. Pay attention to hand-foot coordination. Skipping rope is a kind of movement that stresses the coordination of hands and feet. Generally, when you start to shake the rope, your feet will jump up with you. Moreover, the timing of jumping is very careful. If you jump late, the rope will surely touch your feet. If you jump early, you may have landed and touched your feet again.


 3. Control the height of jump. Sometimes beginners worry that if they jump low, they will touch their feet. They always jump high. But the disadvantage is that people are easily tired and can't jump fast.


 4. Learn to use your wrist. The process of Rope skipping generally does not require the strength of the arm, to learn to rely on wrist rotation to drive the swing of the rope, so as to save effort and jump faster.


 5. Pay attention to breathing. When jumping rope, we should pay attention to our breathing situation, try to keep the breath stable, otherwise the breath disorder will affect the coordination of their jumping rope movements.

 6. Control the rhythm of rope skipping. jump rope to maintain a stable jumping rhythm, do not jump too fast, too fast body load is relatively large, and easy to make mistakes, but also do not jump too slowly, too slow is not easy to coordinate hands and feet.