The second joint exercise of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the National Day was successfully concluded.

2019-09-16 19:21:55 342

From the afternoon of September 14th to the early morning of the 16th, the second full-process, all-element and partial strength drills of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the National Day were held along the Tiananmen area and Chang'an Avenue in Beijing. Among them, the skipping movement officially became the project of this exercise. one. About 280,000 people participated in the performance, watched the ceremony or took on various types of security work on the spot.


According to reports, the second exercise included the celebration of the ceremony, military parade, mass demonstrations, party activities, transitions and emergency response. The six exercises focused on internal linkages and comprehensively examined the operation of the various organizations' command and security systems. The second exercise added more people, elements and links on the basis of the first exercise. Among them, the participating units focused on the military parade, the split type, and the ground echelon. The mass parade is focused on the evacuation of the drills, the overall march, and the coordination. The party activities exercised the overall integration and coordination of the performance blocks, and the scene showed a seamless performance.


The drills with a duration of more than 24 hours were organized and interlocked. Each process, each scene, each task was accurate, divided into seconds, and the responsibility was fulfilled. The expected goal was achieved. Relevant parties in Beijing said that the second drill had a longer span and a larger area, and expressed sincere gratitude to the general public for their understanding and support.