The development of rope skipping

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  Rope skipping is a popular sport with simple operation and easy to learn. It is rich in content and diverse in form. What is most admired by people is its high fitness value. In recent years, jump rope exercise in the world has a new understanding and research, and has been rapidly developed, showing the characteristics of organization, standardization and popularization.


 1 Organized

  World skipping Association was founded in 1996, is headquartered in Canada, the council is located in the European capital Brussels, Belgium. This is a world sports individual item organization, has already had the member state or the region 45, up to now this organization already held 4 world jump rope championships, the 4th held in August 2001 in South Korea capital Seoul. Asia skipping Association has held the first Asian rope skipping championship. In addition to organizing competitions, many countries have established national rope skipping organizations, which are responsible for research, publicity, guidance and management of rope skipping in their own countries. In Canada, the United States, Australia and other developed countries have appeared a lot of rope skipping clubs, there are more than 500 well-known, and these more than 500 clubs have their own website. There are many rope skipping clubs in Japan and more than 50 rope skipping clubs in South Korea. These clubs have full-time rope skipping coaches to teach and guide people to learn rope skipping skills. skipping rope developed countries have special skipping programs in television.


 2 Canonical

  In the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and other European and American developed countries as well as Asia's Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, have put the Rope skipping training as the official competition of the national games. The European rope skipping organization holds the European rope skipping competition - the European rope skipping championship - in the last week of July every year. This is the most influential international rope skipping competition in the world besides the world rope skipping championships. rope skipping exercise particularly active in Japan, is almost a popular movement, has national skip organization - - Japan's jump rope league (Japan skipping Association), each, are set branch, county. According to the difficulty of various rope skipping movements, the Japanese rope skipping federation formulates a unified scoring standard. Is shaking plait flowers jump can get 3 points; 10 points for a double jump; 15 points for the reverse double jump; The square three jig gets 40 points. In general, the more difficult the skill, the more points you get. Japan's rope skipping competition is divided into two forms: one is the age of the size of eight! Twelve, thirteen! Fifteen, sixteen! Eighteen, nineteen! 29, 30! 40 and 41! 50 years old, 50! There are 8 age groups of 60 and above. The other is all ages. Japan has established a unique and perfect skipping system. Jump rope has a level and segment, the level of 40, reach a level can challenge segment, segment segment, more than 10 segments and higher goals - - celebrities, rope king and rope center. In addition, there is a set of perfect referee grading system and technical requirements. In addition to holding the national rope skipping championship regularly every year, there are also regular grading qualification tests and competitions.

 3 Diffusion

  Skipping rope is very popular all over the world. "jump rope strengthens the heart" started in Canada, and they promoted "jump rope for heart!" The slogan. The Canadian health entertainment dance association also lists rope skipping as an "excellent daily physical exercise program", which is carefully planned and organized as a physical education program for students throughout the school year. In 1984, the United States transplanted the Canadian experience to what became known in Europe as "heartbeat." September 27, 2002, the CCTV news broadcast a message: President bush issued an order, he said in the order: in order to reduce the federal government's huge investment in the treatment of heart disease, the United States government will implement a "personal fitness program for American citizens."

The first project of this project is jumping rope. Rope skipping is very popular in Hong Kong, China. In 1999, the Hong Kong institute of heart specialized subject in China, Hong Kong SAR government education department, the department of health under the full support of Hong Kong to introduce a system of primary and middle school students has a long-term strategic plans for the effective prevention of heart disease, called "skip strong heart" plan, hope that through professor interesting fancy rope skipping, encourage teenagers to do sports and establishing healthy life mode, so as to prevent and reduce the occurrence of heart disease. "Rope skipping strong heart" plan is divided into three parts: one is to teach fancy rope skipping; Second, heart health education; Third, hold rope skipping fun day.

  In today's society, based on the progress of science and technology, the rapid improvement of economy and the integration of economy and culture, the eastern and western sports cultures have a fierce collision, and the traditional national culture is weakening and declining to some extent. The application of traditional national physical education in school physical education is also too poor. Even some ethnic traditional sports are paid more attention to in order to enter the Olympic Games, national games or other forms of competition, focusing on the development of its competitiveness, while ignoring the actual development of value, it seems that sports must go to the Olympic Games is a sign of value. The neglect of rope skipping also reflects a disadvantage in the development of physical education and sports in China: blindly pursuing the medal effect, but not paying enough attention to the national fitness effect. In the implementation of the national fitness plan, we should vigorously advocate and promote popular, simple and easy mass sports fitness methods. Many traditional folk sports and entertainment projects in China have the effects of simple and easy, physical fitness and self-entertainment, which are some western sports

Education programs cannot be replaced. In this sense, jumping rope and other sports should be more attention and promotion, it will greatly benefit our national physical and mental health.