The benefits of rope skipping for children

2019-05-20 10:00:00 490

Children, is the baby of all parents, is the hope of the future of the motherland. I believe that every parent wants their children to grow up healthy, so in the child's growth path, there are always some auxiliary sports, today to discuss the benefits of rope skipping for children

1. Promote the healthy development of children. skipping rope can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and blood circulation, promote the metabolism of the body, and contribute to the healthy growth of children.

2, can establish the concept of children's Numbers, children jump rope jump from the number, help them to abstract Numbers and real things, make their initial understanding of the actual meaning and concept of Numbers;

3, can improve children's memory ability, because children in the process of skipping rope constantly count, make their cerebral cortex in the state of excitement, help their abstract memory into image memory;

4, can promote children's ingenuity, the human body in the movement of the information feedback to the brain, so as to stimulate the brain for positive thinking, children jump rope jumping from the number, can improve the brain's thinking sensitivity and judgment, help children's physical strength, intelligence and strain capacity of coordinated development;

5. It can cultivate children's sense of balance and rhythm. The movements in Rope skipping can be described as left and right lungshots, moving up and down in unison, which is conducive to the balanced and coordinated development of the left brain and right brain of children.

6, can help children establish a sense of orientation and cultivate their overall consciousness, children in the process of rope skipping, sometimes is a single jump, sometimes is a double jump, sometimes is a large number, which is conducive to the formation of children's accurate sense of orientation. In rope skipping activities, children can consciously form a sense of organization and discipline, and can cultivate their spirit of unity and cooperation and collectivism.

Therefore, skipping rope workout for children is a very beneficial exercise, usually adhere to rope skipping exercise, we must slowly find and feel the benefits of jump rope.