The application and significance of skipping rope in physical education class

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  skipping rope is regarded as one of the simplest, most effective and least expensive fitness methods in the world. It has a long history and a broad mass base. It can enjoy the fun of sports and has high fitness value. It is suitable for students and can attract adults to participate. Regular practice of Rope skipping is very important to promote the development of sports organs and visceral functions. It can enhance cardiopulmonary function, exercise muscles and bones, reduce fat, enhance energy, exercise the coordination ability of the human body, and train the sense of rhythm. 

  Therefore, rope skipping has completely penetrated into the campus of all ages. Moreover, many schools hold colorful rope skipping competitions regularly. Through rope skipping competitions, students show their self-elegance, enrich sports cultural activities, not only enhance the health of students, but also show the overall style of the school. Taking this as an opportunity, the school will dig deeply into sports work, constantly broaden the ways of sports games, so that children can develop physically and mentally together. Promote healthy, lively and positive spiritual outlook.

   Application of rope skipping in Physical Education Teaching

1. The combination of rope skipping and teaching content. jumping rope can choose different kinds and methods according to different teaching contents and tasks in physical education classroom teaching. For example, in the teaching of fish jump and roll, the skipping rope should be placed at an appropriate height so that students can jump over a certain height of horizontal rope, which can not only stimulate students'interest in practice, but also facilitate students to master the movements; in the transmission of basketball. In catching practice, let students fold rope skipping into different shapes (such as circle, square or rectangle), and constantly change the height or direction, requiring students to pass the ball from the swinging rope skipping in order to improve students'passing and catching skills; in Volleyball pad practice, put rope skipping on the ground of different distances, requiring students to cooperate. Calling power, putting the ball on a fixed position, can improve the interest of practice and the ability to control the ball, or a group of four, two hands pull short rope, two people do the game of passing the ball; in track and field practice, rope skipping instead of white ash as a sign, can do spiral running, back pedal running, frog jumping, step jumping, trot and other exercises, can also be jumped. Make signs in distance and sprint teaching, let students experience the sense of success, not only lighten the burden of teachers in arranging the site, but also make it easy to adjust the distance between signs at any time and treat students of different degrees differently. In throwing practice, the short rope is fixed in front of and above the students'hands, and the students are required to let the throwers pass through the position of the short rope in practice. In the past, we can adjust the angle of students'throwing, which is conducive to the mastery of throwing techniques. We can also use it as a sign of throwing accuracy, improve students' interest in practice and develop their throwing ability.

2. The application of rope skipping in the preparation part and the end part. In physical education teaching, rope skipping is generally used in the preparation part and the end part. Next, I will talk about the application of rope skipping in physical education from the preparation part and the end part. Prepare some exercises. In order to enable students to gradually improve the working ability of the human body, so that the body can enter the working state in time, combined with the requirements of teaching content, students can be purposefully allowed to do various rope skipping exercises, and at the same time, combined with the way of games, some rewards and penalties are formulated to improve the enthusiasm of students in practice, such as: the basic part of the teaching content Arrangements are medium and long distance running, so that students can do constant and lasting rope skipping or time skipping exercises, so that students gradually improve their physical function; If the arrangement is ball content, students can improve their excitement and sensitivity by such means as cross rope skipping, front and back swing, side swing or pattern rope skipping, so as to let students do their best.  Get into working state quickly. In the method of organizing activities, it can be done in groups or by single person, such as single time, counting jumps, one person with one jump, etc. Grouping can adopt multi-person long jump rope to see which group has more people, the number of jumps or fish-line long jump rope. In short, different rope skipping methods can play different roles, so that students can enter the working state as soon as possible, and lay a good foundation for the beginning of the basic part of the teaching content. (2) End part of the exercise. In order to let students gradually transit from working state to relative quiet state, we can choose relatively fast and slow jumping method to make students gradually quiet. Because of the large amount of activity and load of the basic part, students can be organized to adopt a slower rhythm of rope skipping or to choose appropriate dance music when relaxing, combined with rope skipping for students to practice, so that students can find the rhythm of rope skipping along with the rhythm of the dance music, which can not only relax students, but also exercise their sense of rhythm. To relax by choosing rope skipping, it should be noted that in the end part of the exercise, it is not possible to choose a faster or stronger rope skipping method, in order to avoid students'excessive excitement or overwork, which will affect the teaching effect.

In teaching, we should follow the principle of step by step, gradually improve the difficulty on the basis of single rope skipping, and gradually develop various forms of double jumping, individual figure jumping and multi-person long rope skipping games. When practicing rope skipping, the movement should be from slow to fast, from easy to difficult. Beginners should usually use hard rope and change it to soft rope after being proficient.