Team cooperation, rope skipping is an indispensable contribution

2019-05-27 10:00:00 461

   skipping rope is just a game or a sport for us ordinary people, but it is a battle for firefighters who are burdened with heavy responsibilities and always in a state of rescue. Safety rescue is no trivial matter, only to constantly improve the fire officers and soldiers'ability of coordination, sensitivity and team cooperation, to ensure personal safety of themselves and rescued personnel when participating in rescue.

   You may ask, what is the relationship between jumping rope and fire rescue? On the face of it, they don't seem to have much to do with each other. Let's first take a look at the skipping training video of Jinshan Fire Officers and Soldiers in Shanghai.




   See if this is shocking. Not only did the video go viral at home, it went viral abroad. Some netizens said that this is not the real version of the greedy snake? Also some net friends said that the strong team cooperation ability, awesome.

   Two rope rolling team members must control the rope speed and strength, adjust to the most suitable state for Rope skipping team; Eight rope skipping players to control the speed and frequency, neither snap in front of the players, not drag behind the players; Between 10 players, need mutual understanding and trust. The first and last 3 minutes is not a mistake test team sincere cooperation, like fire rescue, a link can not be careless, a soldier can not be left behind, only complete trust and proper cooperation to complete the "zero error" of the game.



   Skipping rope is a very popular sport. Individual skipping rope is conducive to the development of physical fitness, but also conducive to improving their own physical cooperation ability. The collective rope skipping is conducive to fostering team cooperation awareness, so that members can better cooperate with each other to complete the work.

   Collective rope skipping is an important activity in many companies. Because of the strong sense of collective rope skipping rhythm, all participants must step in step, cooperate with tacit understanding, neat and uniform in order to jump more lasting. The stronger the ability of teamwork, the higher the efficiency of employees, and the better the development of the company.