Sports Enlightenment of "A Jumping Rope"

2019-11-25 00:09:48 326

  A video of children's "fancy Rope skipping" continues to spread in cyberspace. This is the scene that the children of Guangzhou Huadu rope skipping team won the gold medal in Norway jump rope competition World Cup. Most of the players are from Huadu Seven Star Primary School, a rural primary school. In 2010, Lai xuanzhi, who just graduated from University, became the first full-time PE teacher in Qixing primary school. No venue, no money, no equipment, skipping training became his first choice. Lai xuanzhi studied jumping and improved tools, and finally made children fall in love with the sport. From the remote countryside to the world arena, more than 20 world champions have sprung up here.

  The reason why the little skipping rope and the little youth rub off the amazing sparks is that under the simple conditions, they can imagine a variety of possibilities of simple movement. In this school, where left behind children and migrant workers are mainly children, rope skipping exercise has changed their life style and growth path. After school, they have less time to play mobile phones, and their future life is no longer a "single choice" for working and supporting families. Many children go abroad for the first time through skipping rope, and see the vast and colorful world. What is more precious than winning gold medal is that they cultivate self-confident and cheerful character through skipping rope and adhere to the spirit of cooperation, and become the wealth of life.

  In the past of material scarcity, a skipping rope, a sandbag and a cinder playground are enough to arouse people's enthusiasm for sports. Nowadays, more and more minority sports and fitness methods come into our life. From table tennis, badminton and other traditional sports to rope skipping, cheerleading and ice hockey, more and more sports venues and world sports venues have seen the presence of Chinese children, highlighting the rapid development of national fitness and youth physical education. Multiple choices open up the blue ocean of fitness economy and inject more vitality into campus physical education.

  After all, there are only a few courses for the purpose of competition. It is the starting point of sports to strengthen the body. The success of Qixing primary school has a piece of experience to share: to carry out characteristic physical education courses. As far as physical education is concerned, there is no boring project, the key is to find the right way. On the one hand, adding dance elements to rope skipping, transforming running into a mini marathon, and mining interest in common projects are beneficial attempts. On the other hand, it is advisable to develop courses according to local conditions. Mountain schools are easy to climb mountains and hike, grassland areas can "climb on horseback", southern schools learn to swim, northern areas carry out snow sports, and schools with conditions can choose Taekwondo, baseball, softball and other projects As long as we are willing to work hard, the vast land is the paradise of movement.

  The development of campus sports should be supported by perfect software and hardware. We have noticed that some school sports venues cannot be guaranteed, some sports classes are occupied, some sports classes have become rest classes. The reason is the lack of sports facilities, the absence of sports teaching management, and the lack of campus sports culture. In recent years, many places have incorporated physical education into the entrance examination program, strengthened the construction of physical education teachers, and some schools have increased physical education hours and developed software to evaluate the sports situation. These gratifying attempts show that only by establishing the education concept of comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education and labor, and establishing a reasonable supporting physical education teaching system from the aspects of equipment, teachers' resources and courses can we play a good role in physical training The role of healthy growth.

  Recently, the outline of building a strong sports country put forward that it is an important part of school physical education to promote teenagers to improve their physical literacy and develop a healthy lifestyle. Some people say: compulsory exercise for an hour is better than passion burning for 10 minutes. Health is not a task, but a life. In addition to rigid courses, we should also cultivate sports habits by stimulating interest and creating atmosphere. When physical education becomes more colorful, physical testing is no longer a headache, and more world champions will come out of the campus.