Simple jump rope workout, amazing benefits

2019-05-03 07:01:34 447

The world health organization (WHO) pointed out that the number one killer threatening human beings in the 21st century is lifestyle diseases, especially its prelude -- sub-health. The WHO estimates that at least 60 percent of humanity is not healthy, though not sick. This shows that sub-health is the number one enemy of human beings.

  The pace of life in today's society, the work rhythm faster and faster, speed has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, "fast" became the default realm, one look at the machine generally convey products, listening to the call office worker that no one can and speed, the concept of leisure has been increasingly fuzzy, everyone seems to have become the "curse" under the control of small people, seems to be doesn't even have time to spare some time for a break, visible and invisible rules with us; Visible, invisible whip driving us, we non-stop pursuit of career, love, status, wealth, it seems that their slow beat, will be abandoned by the world. Therefore, in my opinion, the main reasons for sub-health are as follows:

  (1) fatigue: including physical fatigue, mental fatigue and mental fatigue. It also includes pathological fatigue, such as hepatitis, diabetes and tuberculosis. Life is not regular, such as early do not get up, late do not sleep, eat irregular also produce fatigue.

  (2) lack of sleep (insomnia) : such as long-term sleep disorders will inhibit the secretion of production hormones, leading to aging and organ function decline. Some people do experiments with mice, the outside interference does not let him sleep, his life grace that lasts 2-3 weeks. Prolonged sleep deprivation is associated with depression, which is considered the number one killer of mental illness, leading to feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and quarterly distress, with 55 to 65 percent of patients experiencing suicidal behavior.

 (3) improper diet: excessive eating, partial eating and other bad habits will cause a series of sub-health conditions, such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, hyperviscosity, hyperglycemia, hypertension, etc. Unreasonable diet, such as excessive intake of fat cause overweight and obesity, diabetes is four times higher than normal people, these people heart cerebrovascular disease is four times higher than normal, 10 times higher risk of stroke, 17 times higher than that of uremia, blindness rate is 25 times higher, 50% in hypertension, hyperlipidemia, 40% other such as gallstones, ventilation, menoxenia, infertility, with breast cancer.

(4) the amount of exercise is not appropriate: life lies in sports, long-term inactivity, human body consumption reduced, heat accumulation and fat, easy to induce the occurrence of disease; Do not move no good, but motion excessive also no good, harmful to human body, even sudden death. And so on.

  However, I think people in sub-health, in addition to diet control, supplement sleep and appropriate rest, the most important should also be appropriate to strengthen physical exercise. Life lies in sports, so we can see the importance of sports to human health. There are a variety of sports, such as jogging, swimming,Rope skipping, playing ball, etc., but for office workers, the exercise time, venue and partners are a problem, so I think people can make more use of jump rope workout. Because jump rope does not need a large venue, do not need a lot of time, do not need the cooperation of others, every day only need to complete their own 20-30 minutes of rope skipping exercise, you can achieve the amount of adults a day, simple and practical. What's more, it needs to be noted that the plain skipping exercise, its benefits are amazing, can exercise various organs, improve agility and coordination, alleviate neck and lower back pain

Therefore, for the vast majority of office workers, jump rope workout is the most beneficial to sub-health counterattack.

Let's jump rope together, love life, love rope skipping, because skipping, so healthy!