Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention knowledge series - healthy lifestyle

2020-04-14 23:10:30 228

During the epidemic of covid-19, individuals should view the epidemic situation in a correct and rational way and actively participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic. It is particularly important to develop a civilized and healthy lifestyle to help fight the epidemic.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is a healthy, habitualized behavior. The main performance is a regular life, no bad habits, pay attention to personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, food and drink hygiene, scientific, not superstitious, usually pay attention to warm, sick in time to seek medical treatment, actively participate in healthy and beneficial cultural and sports activities and social activities. It mainly includes reasonable diet, moderate exercise, smoking cessation, alcohol restriction and psychological balance.

1. How to eat properly?

During the epidemic period of COVID-19, the diet should be nutritionally balanced, diversified, with meat and vegetable combination. It is recommended to eat fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans and nuts, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, supplement vitamins and dietary fiber. Drink proper amount of water, it is recommended to drink more plain boiled water, not less than 1500 ml per day.

2. How to exercise properly?

Moderate exercise refers to the form of exercise and the amount of exercise suitable for the individual's physical condition, can enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve endurance and physical fitness. Healthy people can control exercise intensity according to exercise heart rate, namely maximum heart rate = 220-age, exercise at least 3 times a week, cumulative exercise time in more than 150 minutes. During the epidemic period, it is recommended that individuals do exercises at home, such as yoga, tai chi, plank, jumping rope, lifting dumbbells and pulling elastic bands.

skipping rope can be said to be the best way to enhance cardiopulmonary function! If running can enhance cardiopulmonary function, skipping rope can not only fully mobilize your muscles and enhance cardiopulmonary function in a short time, but also greatly reduce knee wear compared with running. jump rope can get more oxygen in the same fitness time, play a role in softening the heart and brain blood vessels and enhancing the resilience of the heart and brain blood vessels, so that the heart and brain vascular system can maintain health while enhancing the cardiopulmonary function. Secondly, skipping rope is also very beneficial to other organs of the body. In the process of skipping up and down, it can help early stone patients avoid stone pain and quickly stretch the organs that are not often moving in the body, so that the blood is more unobstructed.

3. Why smoking cessation and alcohol restriction?

Smoking can cause a variety of chronic diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Pregnant women are more likely to cause miscarriage and low birth weight. Smoking also lowers the body's defenses, raising the risk for older people with chronic illnesses.

Excessive drinking can lead to sudden cardiac death, chronic alcoholism, chronic gastritis, alcoholic cirrhosis, and hypertension. It is recommended that adult men consume no more than 25g of alcohol a day (equivalent to 1g of high-alcohol liquor) and women no more than 15g (equivalent to 30g of high-alcohol liquor).

4. What is psychological balance?

Psychological balance is a good psychological state, that is, a good state of being able to evaluate oneself properly, cope with the pressure in daily life, work and study efficiently, and make contributions to family and society. In the face of COVID-19 epidemic, relax, maintain a good attitude, do not panic, do not believe, do not spread rumors. Take advantage of the opportunity to spend more time at home with the family, chat, do some things that I usually want to do but have no time to do, such as writing, painting, etc., to relieve the pressure of work and study.

To effectively contain the spread and spread of COVID 19 epidemic and reduce the harm to public health, it is necessary to carry out prevention and control work in a scientific and orderly manner, and prevention and control is the top priority.