Looking at Team Spirit from Team Skipping Competition

2019-07-08 01:16:43 481

 Rope skipping is a traditional sports activity, interesting and popular, is a very meaningful activity. Especially in China, rope skipping has become a favorite sport for all ages, and holding rope skipping competitions has also become an effective way for colleges and universities to train students to work together and not give up. Highlight the charm of the group, show individual style. In China, many schools, including primary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities, hold various rope skipping competitions. In order to flourish the campus culture and enrich the campus life, we hold a rope skipping competition to understand the unity of the students and their individual perseverance.

   The fierce competition and active performance in the competition can fully reflect and cultivate the students' energetic spirit. Also can train everybody group not to admit defeat, individual not to admit defeat spirit.

A simple rope skipping competition, not only edify sentiment, enhance the friendship between students, but also can cultivate students' collective sense of honor, personal sense of honor, personal sense of struggle. It enriches extracurricular activities, improves students' physical quality, strengthens class cohesion, and provides a platform for students to express their individuality and communicate with each other.