Jump rope scientifically to boost immunity and fight COVID-19

2020-06-19 14:45:51 219

On June 18 local time, the WORLD Health Organization (WHO) released its latest daily coVID-19 report, showing 181,232 new coVID-19 cases and 5,245 new deaths worldwide, bringing the total number of coVID-19 cases to over 8.22 million.

In the worst-affected region of the Americas, there were 4015,386 confirmed cases (115,527 new cases) and 208,991 deaths (3,436 new cases).

In response, WHO recommends that governments take six key steps.

First, expand, train and deploy teams of health care and public health workers;

Second, establish systems to identify every suspected case in the community;

Third, improve the number, capacity and accessibility of tests;

Fourthly, identify, reconstruct and equip facilities for the treatment and isolation of patients;

Fifthly, establish clear plans and procedures for isolation of contacts;

Sixth, government departments are refocusing their efforts to suppress and control novel Coronavirus.

However, the most important thing is that each of us has our own immunity. There is a very popular saying in China: life in the first half struggle for financial resources, the second half struggle for immunity. So, how to improve immunity scientifically?

1. Boost your immune system through diet

The nutritional status of the human body has a very important influence on the immune function, because the various nutrients we ingest every day are the material basis for maintaining the normal immune function of the human body. Scientific research shows that the body's immune system is kept alive mainly by food. Some foods contain ingredients that help stimulate the immune system and increase its immunity.

2. Boost your immune system through exercise

Moderate exercise can promote the internal circulation and endocrine of the human body, promote the improvement of human organs, maintain at a higher level, and effectively improve the immunity of the human body. Such as endurance exercise, skipping, Taijiquan, Qigong, and aerobics can improve the immune ability of the human body, the degree of influence depends on the exercise-habit, exercise-type, exercise-intensity, age, gender, physical condition and other factors. jumping rope, in particular, is suitable for people of all ages. But, "Skipping is good for your body and mind, but there are ways to do it." Choose a good pair of rope for a healthy jump. The length and weight of the rope can be chosen as long as it feels comfortable. Step on the middle of the rope with one foot. Bend your elbows and raise your forearms flat. Straighten the rope and make it a little longer. Depending on the material, the rope may be thick, heavy or light. You should choose the appropriate material and weight of the rope. The beginner chooses a slightly longer rope, which swings more and more slowly, then slowly reduces the length of the rope and increases the intensity of the motion. Now there is an electronic count of skipping rope, not only can automatically count, but also can show the number of skipping rope equivalent to the number of calories burned, or the number of miles walked. Simple and clear, convenient and practical, also make skipping no longer boring. And can also jump rope at the same time, listen to music or see the scenery, jump rope into an interesting sport.

Therefore, to combat COVID-19, we should all exercise, eat properly and exercise scientifically to form a virtuous cycle and improve our immunity.