Jump Rope for heart

2019-08-26 19:02:53 831

  "jumping rope for heart" originated in Canada. When President Bush was in office, in order to reduce the government's huge investment in heart disease treatment, he also included skipping rope in the "American citizens'personal fitness program". Studies have proved that Rope skipping can enhance cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system functions, prevent many diseases and relieve the pressure of heart health. At the same time, rope skipping also has the function of relaxing mood and relieving mental pressure. Long-term adherence to rope skipping can help people maintain mental health and put themselves into study and work in a better state.

  Compared with other competitive sports, rope skipping is less restricted by equipment, venues and participants'age. It is a convenient and effective aerobic exercise with lower difficulty and significant fitness effect. The purpose of implementing the "rope skipping heart-strengthening" plan is to promote rope skipping as a sports project benefiting hundreds of millions of people, so that everyone can take up rope skipping, participate in rope skipping, fall in love with rope skipping, and enjoy the health and happiness brought by rope skipping.

  Although China is a big country of rope skipping in the world, the overall level of mass rope skipping is far behind developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and Korea. The reasons are as follows: first, we do not attach enough importance to rope skipping, a non-Olympic and non-National Games event, lack of training of talents in this field, and lack of guidance for mass rope skipping; second, lack of scientific research on rope skipping, and lack of understanding of the development trends of international rope skipping; third, bring about by rope skipping to people. Advantages and scientific rope skipping methods, technology and other propaganda is not enough. We still have a long way to go to promote rope skipping.


Jumping rope for heart activity grade standard (trial implementation)

1,In general, the skipping rope cardiotonic activity grade standard includes technical and level standards, each standard is divided into six grades, the difficulty from low to 

high from one level to six levels. Personnel who meet the requirements of grading examination can apply for technical and level standard grades, meet the corresponding 

standards after examination, and issue corresponding honorary certificates according to the conditions.

2.jump rope for heart Grading standards


3.Significance of division

(1) the difficulty level of technical standards for strengthening the heart is relatively low, and the entry time is relatively short, which is conducive to universal popularization.

(2) strong heart level standard focuses on the more senior, long rope skipping public, in order to continue to improve the level of strong heart, as the implementation of the follow-up promotion plan of strong heart technical standard.

(3) the two standards are conducive to the promotion of heart-strengthening programs to a wider range of the public, so as to achieve the purpose of national fitness and improve people's livelihood.