Is the child tall? Pediatrician: Do more skipping in spring

2019-12-03 23:47:39 313

Zheng Zhangqian, a member of the youth working group of the adolescent medical committee of the Chinese Association of physicians and chief physician of the Endocrinology Department of the affiliated pediatric hospital of Fudan University, said that children who want to grow up in high school should not only seek help from doctors for standardized treatment, but also form the habit of skipping rope.

Although skipping is not the main reason why children don't grow up, Zheng said, compared with other sports, skipping has a more significant role in promoting height.

The best time to jump rope and long high is in spring

Dr. Zheng would ask if the child had jumped rope during the winter vacation, but most of the answers were "No." Dr. Zheng suggested that children who didn't jump rope properly in winter vacation should not be too upset. Next, they should seize the good opportunity of spring high jump and grasp the Rope skipping.

According to Dr. Zheng Zhangqian, as early as 1930, doctors found that spring is the fastest growing season in the four seasons. Although the principle is still being studied, it is still a consensus in pediatrics that children grow faster in the spring. On the other hand, it is relatively easy to obtain the ground and equipment needed for rope skipping. Therefore, Dr. Zheng reminded that if you can catch the tail of spring, jump rope every day, with adequate sleep and reasonable diet, height will be greatly improved!

It's easier to jump like this. There's a trick

It is also rope skipping. According to the age, the number of rope skipping is required to be different every day. Doctors in the Department of endocrinology of the affiliated pediatric hospital of Fudan University have come to the conclusion based on years of experience that for children over 6 years old, it is better to control the rope skipping time in half an hour to an hour every day. For normal strength, about 300-1000. Of course, it needs to be adjusted according to the physical conditions of the child. "According to the research, the most growth hormone is secreted during fasting exercise, so the ideal long rope skipping program is to jump rope for half an hour to an hour every day before dinner, and take a few breaks in between." Dr. Zheng suggested.