Interesting rope skipping stimulates children's interest in sports

2019-06-21 01:51:38 509


Rope skipping is a simple and easy exercise, which can not only develop children's motor coordination ability, increase lung capacity, but also prove to be brain healthy. To get the expected effect, we must consider the level of children's psychological development and age characteristics.

In rope skipping teaching, we fully explore the resources of life, and strive to combine vivid life examples and teaching content in rope skipping exercise. Before learning to jump rope, we often do some jumping exercises with children, endurance exercises, such as leapfrog, jump touch, jump on one foot and so on. This way, the baby in the actual jump rope, feet under the flexible.

In order to avoid children's revolts, aversion and other psychological, before each activity, we are mainly to talk to the children around see, familiar, interested in things. For example, in the pattern skipping, we combine the living situation of children, set up the game of "big cake and deep-fried dough sticks", which is to jump two ropes first, and then swing around two times. Because jump when the rope round like pancake, jilt when the rope straight like churro, so called "pancake churro".

Rope skipping is not a sport that is eager for quick success and instant benefit. It needs the patient guidance and guidance of teachers. In daily teaching, we often use a variety of practice methods: such as decomposition of movement exercises, I put the skipping movement into the following four parts: Second, let the children imitate the skipping action according to the rhythm, such as correcting and standardizing the children's action in the way of "rabbit picking mushrooms" competition, and encouraging the children to persevere with the way of reward stickers; Three is to let children with one hand rope practice. The two arms are naturally bent, one hand holds the two ends of the skipping rope, and the action is carried out according to the swing method of skipping rope, and the feet jump when the rope falls to the ground, imitating the skipping action according to the normal rhythm. After children practice this movement, ask children to exchange rope jump. This not only exercise children's arm strength, but also exercise children's hand and foot coordination ability; Fourth, let children try to practice with both hands holding the rope. Let children do upper limb rope swing or lower limb rhythmic spring movement, let them feel the feeling of different parts of muscle strength and coordination, lay a foundation for the next movement integration. We also set up a "big jump rope through the pass" competition project in the computer, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of children to independently practice rope skipping.

Practice has proved that as long as try to find fun and games, can stimulate children to jump rope enthusiasm, get better sports results.