How to jump rope without injury

2019-11-27 00:09:01 372

Many people have been doing jumping since childhood. It's the most common exercise that healthy people can do.

According to Su Hao, associate professor of the school of sports science, Beijing Sport University, jumping can be divided into high jump and long jump. For example, Rope skipping belongs to the continuous jumping in place in high jump. Studies have shown that rope skipping exercise can enhance the ability of heart, lung and muscle, increase the density of bone, and improve the coordination of human body. However, before skipping, the elderly should measure their balance ability (stand on one foot for 15-30 seconds respectively). When skipping, the range should not be too large and the height should not be too high. Before skipping, the sick must consult with the doctor.

jump rope exercise is also a high energy consuming aerobic exercise. Research shows that a 15 minute jump is equivalent to the energy consumption of a 4.5-kilometer bike ride or an 8-minute 1600 meter run in 9 minutes. Therefore, skipping often can speed up metabolism and reduce fat accumulation.

Su Hao reminded that although skipping has many benefits, the following points should be paid attention to to to prevent injury.

1. Choose a suitable site. Try to avoid gravel, dust and uneven cement ground, choose flat, soft, no gravel hard block and not too hard ground, such as indoor gymnasium with wood or elastic Pu site.

2. Wear appropriate clothes. When jump rope training, you should wear sports shoes and loose and light sportswear, so that you can feel comfortable and not hurt easily.

3. Warm up in advance. Before Rope skipping training, jog for a few minutes, stretch thigh muscles, etc., to prevent knee joint and ankle joint injury.

4. Arrange the exercise content and exercise amount properly. Rope skipping exercise should be carried out alternately with other sports. If you only do jumping exercise every day, your lower limbs will be overloaded and your knees will be easily damaged. The amount of exercise should be increased gradually from small to large, or according to your personal situation. It is better to have no fatigue in the next morning.