Help you analyze skipping and running, which is better for you to lose weight

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Autumn came, the weather became very comfortable, and it was the most suitable season for sports. In the middle of summer, due to the high temperature, the accelerated sports will cause the human body to lose water. If people with poor physical strength persist in losing weight in the hot summer, it will lead to electrolyte imbalance in the human body. People with fat bodies are easy to be in danger of heat stroke. So spring and autumn is the most suitable season for exercise, for the site requirements are not high physical exercise, jumping rope, running, squat is the initial start fitness people's first choice, so in running and jumping rope, which weight loss is the fastest, easier to operate?

1 Exercise effect

You know, if we want to lose excess fat, we need to burn more calories. But must control the intensity of movement, the human body only in aerobic exercise, in order to fully burn fat. That is to say, if the heartbeat does not reach more than 150 exercise, are just normal consumption, may be able to subtract some of the weight of sweat, but will not have an obvious weight loss effect. Whether it's jumping rope or running, the average adult needs to keep going for 30-50 minutes with a heart rate above 150 to start burning fat. So in terms of the effect of the exercise, the two are on a par.

2 Safety factor

Vertical motion of knee joint injury is one of the biggest, so if you have a larger base of weight, I suggest you choose for the joints will be slightly more moderate running, because if you don't too good situation, relevant section also adhere to the skip of 30 ~ 50 minutes a day, then your joint symptoms will soon let you have to stop all exercise. But if you don't have a safe running environment nearby (like a playground or a well-stocked street garden), skip instead. Because jump rope is not restricted by the field, as long as you want, the living room in the home can become your and the playground.In addition, jump rope workout for abs

3 Comparison of effects

Rope skipping is a relatively stable speed of movement, as long as the start of jumping, basically everyone can ensure a good uniform speed of movement frequency, otherwise it will be easy to "dead rope", affect the pleasure of the movement. The person that often jumps rope commonly can feel, oneself technique is very good, jump continuously dozens of minutes also won't because of "dead rope" and change motion speed. Therefore, jumping rope to lose weight is relatively stable.In the case of running, however, we often slow down our running speed due to uncertain factors such as chatting with companions and avoiding pedestrians and vehicles, which may affect the effect of exercise due to the poor control of exercise frequency. So if you want to see results faster in less time, skipping rope workout.