Correct breathing method, make your rope skipping plan work twice as well with half the effort!

2020-02-26 18:50:31 313

Under the new coronavirus aggression, China and many other countries have a number of people have been infected with pneumonia. As everybody knows, pneumonia is an acute respiratory disease, mainly because of respiratory tract infection, it is to belong to a kind of disease of airway infection, more is because there are caused by bacterial or viral infection, so proposal in ordinary life the key is to strengthen physical exercise to improve their own immunity, increase the cardiopulmonary function. What we recommend here is Rope skipping.

According to the research of experts at home and abroad, skipping has a good promotion effect on the heart function. It can make the blood get more oxygen and keep the cardiovascular system strong and healthy. Skipping can enhance the function of cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system. Skipping can promote the development of human organs, benefit physical and mental health, strengthen the body, develop intelligence, enrich life, improve the overall quality. However, in order to really exercise the heart and lung and strengthen respiratory immunity through skipping, you need to learn the correct breathing methods.

A lot of rope skipping novice will have such a situation, picked up the rope to jump for 15 minutes or so began to pant, a bit more severe it is supporting the waist shouted: "can not, gasping, fork head good dizzy ah." This is a problem many beginners encounter, and they have one thing in common -- breathing problems. Try to choose slow, deep breathing

Just began to exercise soon after the novice will feel particularly tired, on the one hand is not strong cardiopulmonary function; On the other hand, it's because of the way you breathe. In order to maximize the efficiency of breathing, improve cardiopulmonary function, and save a lot of physical strength, we should adopt slow and deep breathing:

(1) in the process of exercise breathing rate is too fast, will let the inhalation of gas and gas left in the respiratory tract can not be exchanged, so that the actual amount of gas into the alveoli is less.

(2) deep breathing, can let alveolar ventilation and gas exchange rate increase, make ventilation become more effective, which is very powerful for endurance sports.

Rope skipping is the same principle, it is recommended that beginners skip rope can jump a breath, after skilled jump four breath, fast speed can jump six breath, breathing with the rule of hands and feet.

You need to hold your breath for a while while your muscles are strengthening

When we jump rope quickly, we often use a breathing technique called breath-holding, which is used for instant muscle strengthening, in order to break through the hardest point. Holding your breath is to stabilize the chest and pelvis, stabilize the core, and provide solid support for muscle contraction.

The correct and reasonable method of holding breath should refer to the following points:

(1) before holding breath inhalation should not be too deep;

When the end of suffocation, in order to avoid the sudden reduction of chest pressure, let the chest pressure with a buffer gradually smaller process, breathing out gas should gradually a little from the glottis extrusion;

(3) breath-holding should be used at crucial moments, such as sprints.

Correct breathing habits can greatly improve the cardiopulmonary function, not only conducive to the improvement of the ability to exercise, more conducive to the enhancement of fat burning effect. In front of the virus, let us skip rope at home, only the appropriate exercise and improve their immunity, we can defeat the virus. Come on, China!